Garvie makes OTT DIY N64-tinged pop… and spends a little too much time gaming.

He spent years writing for others and cutting his teeth on the London live scene, but the lightbulb moment came when the gigs stopped, the Gameboy turned on and he learned to produce during 2020.

Garvie immersed himself in creating a sound-world of his own for once. What emerged was mixes the signature big guitars and bigger choruses of his past writing projects with the playful synths and cheeky 8-bit throwbacks of his retro gaming image.

After being selected as Jack Saunders’ ‘Next Wave’ on BBC Radio 1’s Future Artists, Radio 6 airplay and a sync on E4’s Made in Chelsea, Garvie is surely set for a high score.

“I feel like Garvie has landed on something… the right mixture” Jack Saunders – Radio 1

“An irresistible earworm” Tom Robinson – BBC Radio 6 (on Garvie’s track ‘Bad Person‘)

Garvie’s character was drawn and animated by Vicente Nitti.

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