Garvie is a songwriter who spent too much time playing video games during lockdown… now he’s trapped in one.

That’s OK though – life in the real world wasn’t for Garvie. He spent years writing for other artists and cutting his teeth on the London live scene, but the lightbulb moment came when the gigs stopped, the Gameboy turned on and he learned to produce during 2020.

Garvie was forced to immerse himself in creating a sound of his own for once. What emerged was a sound-world that mixes the signature big guitars and bigger choruses of his past writing projects with the playful synths and cheeky 8-bit throwbacks of his new videogame existence. Lyrically he’s straight-talking with a touch of the dramatic and an unshakeable dry sense of humour. These are complemented by a voice which Frank Turner once commended for it’s authenticity.

His persona and look matches up with this sense of humour – a quick scan of Garvie’s socials reveals all of his videos are 100% animated, with a dry sense of humour.

Garvie’s songs have so far gained support and airplay from BBC Radio 6 (Tom Robinson called ‘Bad Person’ an ‘irresistible earworm’), and BBC Introducing amongst others.

Garvie’s character was drawn and animated by Vicente Nitti.